Web Development

eCommerce is our specialty. Our custom-made platform is highly versatile, and built with performance and scalability in mind. Our extensive knowledge with online shopping and collective experience helped us create a software that will meet anyone's needs, while being customizable enough to provide solutions for the most demanding customers.

Our e-Commerce software has been created to answer all the needs of the current landscape of doing business online. With its powerful product management engine, and the ever-growing 3rd party integrations, our customers are fully enjoying its usability while growing their sales. With no monthly fees, it has more options than most of our competitors. Its flexible, modular design is highly customizable, and it has a very user-friendly administration interface.

Our Approach

We work closely with our customers to provide innovative solutions to the real-world challenges that they face. For us, nothing is impossible, and we love challenges.

  • Research

    During this initial phase, we identify key players in our customer's field of activity, and we look for creative solutions to our customer's needs.

  • Concept

    Building on the research done during phase 1, we work with our customers to design solutions that meet their needs, without exceeding the budget and deadline agreed upon.

  • Development

    At this stage, we get busy with integration, coding, and development of modules necessary. We meet with customers at regular intervals during this phase, to assess that everything is on the right track.

  • Test

    We then deploy our application on a development server, and give full administrative access to our customer, to make sure that everything is working well, and is as user-friendly as possible. We adjust our solution according to our customer's feedback, in order to reach a point where the application is considered ready for production.

  • Delivery

    We finally deploy our new product to our customer's production server, allowing their clients to start using the application. At this stage, we monitor everything closely, and fix any issue that might arise. Our internal error notification system warns us of any error happening in real-time.

  • Maintenance

    Now that the application is online, we monitor analytics and error logs daily, and ensure that our customer is able to easily use the application to its full extent. When new functionalities are needed, we are happy to start again from phase 1, and follow the steps to make sure upgrades are compatible with the existing code base.


How much does a website cost?
The price of a website varies according to your needs. There are a number of factors that can influence the price: turnaround time, desired functionalities custom design, module development, hosting.
How about payment?
We provide contracts for all our services, and monthly payment are accepted, as long as a minimum amount is met.
Will you support my website after it goes live?
Absolutely! Our internal error notification system will warn us in real-time of any error happening on your website while your clients are browsing. In most cases, we will fix those issues right away, and free of charge.
Can you upgrade my current website?
In most cases, the answer is yes. Our team of dedicated full-stack developers has a lot of experience with the many frameworks and content management systems on the market.
Do you provide non-disclosure agreements?
Yes, we can provide those upon request.