Sham 69


Sham 69
United Kingdom


Web development, Design, Back-end, Front-end


September 23rd, 2022

Sham 69 are an English punk rock band that formed in Hersham in Surrey in 1975. They were one of the most successful punk bands in the United Kingdom, achieving five top 20 singles, including "If the Kids Are United" and "Hurry Up Harry"


Develop a user-friendly website that showcases the band's discography, past shows

  • Design a new website that works with the color scheme of the UK flag, while retaining the punk esthetic
  • Integrate eCommerce functionalities
  • Display information about the band's extensive discography, and past shows


We created a tactile theme using thorn paper, and the colors of the UK flag. We imported all the data we could find about the band's discography and events.