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Le Nouveau SoundCentral


Web development, Branding, Design, UI/UX, Back-end, Front-end


July 23rd, 2021

Le Nouveau Soundcentral is a record shop from Montreal, Quebec that sells and buys new and used vinyls & CDs. It has been an integral part of the local music scene since 2001. The store has been host to many events, including concerts, and art shows. Aksiom was hired to do a complete revamping of the existing website, and implement custom solutions to facilitate order management, shipping, and pick-up in stores. The front-end portion was integrated using the responsive Porto eCommerce template.


Develop a responsive website that categorizes the store's massive inventory in a user-friendly way to help customer find products that matches their taste in music

  • import the store's large catalog of 65,000+ items and get details about those products using Discogs API (style, genre, year, label, tracklist, etc)
  • recommend products based on the client browsing history and past sales
  • automate the mailing list by sending a weekly campaign containing details about the new products added since the last campaign
  • generate daily post for Twitter that showcase the newly added products
Sound Central
@sound_central - July 23, 2021

For many years now we have trusted Luc & aksiom with our web development, and they were always there for us by providing innovative solutions, personalized service and overall quality of work.


We used the existing Porto eCommerce template with a left side bar for easy navigation. We developped custom import tools to enhance the informative quality of the store's inventory. We also optimized the inner workings of our application to ensure fast page loads while providing many filters for a better browsing experience.